Region Braces for Shell Petrochemical Plant

The Shell petrochemical plastic plant in bucolic Beaver, Pa. is just the beginning of gas expansion plans for the Ohio River Valley.

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Climate change activists protesting at Pennsylvania State Capitol.

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Every Dollar Spent on This Climate Technology Is a Waste

Families are leaving Beaver County as Shell’s ethane cracker sets to open

Some parents oppose fracking near Elizabeth Forward High School

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Metalico Scrap Metal Fire, Neville Island – April 14, 2021

Residents reported noise, fire, and an explosion coming from this scrap metal operation.

Edgar Thomson Brown Plume – June 17, 2020

Braddock residents reported seeing a reddish plume coming from the U.S. Steel Edgar Thomson Plant in their community.

Clairton Coke Works Fire – Dec 24, 2019

U.S. Steel Clairton Coke Works on Christmas Eve, Dec. 24, 2019, flames and an explosion was captured at the Clairton plant.

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Germaine Patterson
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Valley Clean Air Now (VCAN), Women for a Healthy Environment, New Voices for Reproductive Justice

I was called to do this work in late 2019. I was hired as a Community Health Worker with Women for a Healthy Environment to focus on Asthma and Air Quality. It wasn’t until I began this work that I became more aware of the impacts of environmental exposure on the health and well-being of the communities I serve. Even in my own experience, it took me working from home to start really noticing the impacts it had on my household. Besides being someone who always wanted to see people and communities thriving spiritually, mentally and physically, I believe I was called to do this work where I can be a catalyst.

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Aerial View of Clariton neighborhood with rows of houses next to fracking plant



If the objective is to decarbonize our energy sector at the lowest possible cost, with the greatest reduction of greenhouse emissions, and with the greatest amount of job creation, the development of renewable resources would do a better job of all three.

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Climate law spurs CCS at new West Virginia gas plant

The plant's developer says the project is a result of expanded tax credits in the Inflation Reduction Act.

Exxon is proposing to create an entirely new industry, built to capture carbon and reinject it, all so that energy companies can keep on pumping and burning oil and gas. The $100 billion mega-project would tie together dozens of facilities owned by 12 of the world’s biggest corporate polluters, ...including oil majors like Chevron, power generators like Calpine and chemical giants like Dow. It would also require substantial government financing, Exxon said.

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Exxon’s Long-Shot Embrace of Carbon Capture in the Houston Area Just Got Massive Support from Congress - Inside Climate News

Imagine a clean energy future, and you might picture giant turbines twisting in the wind, or electric vehicles zipping quietly down the highway....

The Race to the Bottom –Another Fossil Fuel Threat to Greater Pittsburgh (Shell Plastics Plant) Air Quality Town Hall #8