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Fighting Climate Change and Fossil Fuel Expansion in SWPA

Breathe Project partners are actively fighting the expansion of the petrochemical industry, fracking wells and fossil fuel development that will exacerbate climate change, including Climate Reality Pittsburgh & SWPA, 350 Pittsburgh, Extinction Rebellion, Better Path Coalition and more. A Climate Convergence event is in the planning for June in Harrisburg, Pa.


Fighting Radioactive Fracking Waste on Our Rivers


Taking On Industrial Pollution and Greenhouse Gases

Title V of the Clean Air Act requires “major sources” of air pollution to obtain operating permits from the EPA or a state or local agency authorized to issue these permits. In Allegheny County, the Allegheny County Health Department decides these permits. Join GASP, PennEnvironment, Clean Air Council, Clean Water Action, Environmental Integrity Project, SWPA Grassroots Air Quality Town Hall activists and the Breathe Project in the effort to reduce pollution greenhouse gases.


Fighting Petrochemical Industry Buildout

Residents of SWPA are fighting a David vs. Goliath battle against the petrochemical industry in Allegheny, Beaver and Washington counties and beyond to Ohio and West Virginia. The Appalachian Basin is facing massive growth of this highly polluting fossil fuel industry from the Shell Plastic Plant in Beaver, Pa., to pipelines, compressor stations, drilling operations, wellpads, a storage hub and truck traffic.  This industry will push our planet over the edge on climate change, making it absolutely impossible to meet Paris Accord Climate Goals. Residents in Beaver County have stepped up with the formation of a citizen watchdog team, Eyes on Shell, that records and reports smells, spills and air emissions from the Shell Plastic Plant.



Improving Air Quality in the North Boroughs – ACCAN

ACCAN’s campaign to turn a now-shuttered industrial coke plant on Neville Island into a healthier development has shifted into high gear. Campaign work includes reducing emissions from the industrial operations on Bruno and Neville Island, including Metalico, stopping the spread of Fracsilica from the fracking industry into neighborhoods and finding a sustainable, healthy alternative for the former Shenango site.


Citizens Against Hazardous Rail Lines and Negative Impacts of Rail Systems

Rail Pollution Protection Pittsburgh (RP3) is a group of Pittsburgh residents committed to addressing the risk and negative impacts of rail proliferation where it conflicts with urban health, sustainability, and personal well-being. Norfolk Southern wants taxpayers to pay for something we don’t want, that damages our health and jeopardizes our safety, just to magnify their profits


GASP’s “No Idling” Diesel Campaign

Diesel exhaust poses a serious risk to Allegheny County residents, causing asthma attacks and asthma onset, coughing, chronic bronchitis, health attacks and even premature death. Work with GASP to reduce toxic diesel pollution from vehicles including school and transit buses, garbage trucks and more. Post No Idling signs at your school.


Tightening Coke Oven Regulations in Allegheny County

Air pollution from the coke oven industry impacts the health of residents of Southwestern Pennsylvania, including Pittsburgh, Allegheny County and beyond. Check out GASP’s work in this area.

Clean Air Council has a PA Coke Ovens website that provides information regarding these air pollution impacts from the coke oven industry in general, as well as specific facilities in Southwestern Pennsylvania.


Reimagine Beaver

Local residents coming together to reimagine a future for Beaver County that makes wise long-term economic, cultural and social development choices for a vibrant and healthy community.

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