your voice matters

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Nothing is more important in improving our air than the voice of our citizens. Breathe Project supports and promotes the work of Breathe Collaborative members.  We empower concerned individuals to take action on their own — and spread the word to friends and neighbors.


Fighting Petrochemical Industry Buildout

Residents of SWPA are fighting a David vs. Goliath battle against the petrochemical industry in our region and beyond to Ohio and West Virginia. The Appalachian Basin is faced with the massive growth of this highly polluting fossil fuel industry from cracker plants to pipelines, compressor stations, drilling operations, wellpads, a storage hub and truck traffic.  his industry will push our planet over the edge on climate change, making it absolutely impossible to meet Paris Accord Climate Goals. 

Improving Air Quality in the North Boroughs – ACCAN

ACCAN’s campaign to turn a now-shuttered industrial coke plant on Neville Island has shifted into high gear. The campaign includes reducing emissions from the many industrial plants on Bruno and Neville Island, stopping the spread of Fracsilica from the fracking industry into neighborhoods and turning the former Shenango site into a sprawling Solar Farm.

Taking On Industrial Pollution and Greenhouse Gases

Title V of the Clean Air Act requires “major sources” of air pollution to obtain operating permits from the EPA or a state or local agency authorized to issue these permits. In Allegheny County, the Allegheny County Health Department in Allegheny County decides these permits. Join GASP, PennEnvironment, Clean Air Council, Clean Water Action, Environmental Integrity Project and the Breathe Project in the effort to clean the region’s air and reduce greenhouse gases.

Coke Projection in Pennsylvania

Air pollution from the coke oven industry impacts the health of residents of Southwestern Pennsylvania, including Pittsburgh, Allegheny County and beyond. This Clean Air Council PA Coke Ovens website provides information regarding these air pollution impacts from the coke oven industry in general, as well as specific facilities in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Citizens Against Norfolk Southern


Report a Problem

Download the Smell App on your mobile device and report bad air when you smell it.

In Pittsburgh and Allegheny County, report an air problem to the Allegheny County Health Department at 412-687-ACHD (2243).


Outside Allegheny County, file a complaint with the PA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) at: (412) 442-4184
For emergencies call: (412) 442-4000 or 800-541-2050

Write a Letter to the Editor or Op-Ed

The editorial page is one of the most widely read parts of the newspaper. A letter to the editor is usually about 100-200 words, and an op-ed is generally 600-800 words. Look up your paper’s letter submission process and carefully follow the instructions.

Reach Out

Call, email or visit your representatives at the local, state and national level and let them know what’s on your mind.

Pennsylvania Citizen Toolkit

The Environmental Integrity Project is helping citizens, advocacy groups and elected officials prepare for expanding oil and gas operations. Find facts on operations, permitting approval processes and more.

Provide Public Comment

Submitting a written comment is a way to make a powerful impact in your community. The Group Against Smog and Pollution has an excellent guide to commenting on air permits for oil and natural gas facilities.

Attend a Public Meeting

Stay up to date on public meetings, permit hearings or other events through the Breathe Project. Attending or speaking at a public meeting or hearing will help ensure your voice is heard.

Stay Informed On Legal and Policy Work

Visit PennFuture to get the latest on legal cases and legislative and regulatory work happening in Pennsylvania.

Take Action at Home

There are many small but powerful actions individuals can take to improve air quality.