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17 SWPA Environmental Groups Push Back on the DEP’s Updated EJ Policy for Failing to Adequately Protect Communities

By: Protect PT
Released: 2023-11-28

We Refuse To Die: Ceremonial planting of an Externality carving above the Clairton Coke Works

By: Breathe Project
Released: 2023-11-07

Rally to Raise Awareness of Harmful Pollution from Coking, Rail Safety Concerns and Norfolk Southern’s Failings in East Palestine

By: Breathe Project
Released: 2023-11-06

DEP Environmental Justice Policy Talking Points

By: Black Appalachia Coalition
Released: 2023-10-20

Understanding Air Quality in Allegheny County

By: Breathe Project
Released: 2023-09-10

Wildfire Pollution and Climate Change in SWPA

By: Breathe Project
Released: 2023-08-17

Fracking Injection Well in Plum Borough Threatens Residents Health, Drinking Water

By: ProtectPT
Released: 2023-10-10

SWPA Resident-Led Air Quality Town Hall #12: Allegheny County Executive Candidates Address Environmental Concerns (Or Not)

By: SWPA Grassroots Town Halls

ORVI Invest in Decarb Infra Invest Toolkit #NoDecarbSWPA

Released: 2023-09-15

Testimony for Coke Oven EPA Public Hearing

By: Breathe Project
Released: 2023-08-31

Remarks for County Sustainability Committee Public Meeting on Proposed County Climate Action Plan

By: Breathe Project
Released: 2023-08-22

Testimony for Blast Furnace EPA Public Hearing

By: Breathe Project
Released: 2023-08-15