Photo Credits

Thank You!

A very special thank you to the thoughtful artists whose images help to tell the Breathe Project story. Through the power of these great photographers, we are able to make a greater impact. Rollover the images to see the photographer who artfully captured the image. We hope you appreciate the images as much as we do.

We’d also like to thank the many collaborative members who supplied compelling photographs to the site. Keep ’em coming. And thank you to Flickr/Creative Commons for the many excellent images featured as thumbnails.

Four women standing in front of smoke stacks.

Lynn Johnson

Large flame, caused by fracking, behind a tractor on a farm.

Scott Goldsmith

Large smoke stacks from power station surrounded by smog.

Brian Cohen

Protestor holding cardboard sunflower poster with words "right to breathe"

Mark Dixon

Nurse listening to young girl's lungs in doctor's office.

Annie O'Neill