Tech Tools

Credit: CREATE Lab

New air monitoring technologies, GIS systems and other technical tools make it possible for you to get real-time information about the air you are breathing. Interactive online tools let you monitor your air, post updates and immediately inform the Allegheny Health Department and/or the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection when air pollution is bad – as well as alert your community through social media.

Phone with screen showing survey on Smell Pittsburgh app

Monitor and Report Air Pollution

Download the Smell App produced by Carnegie Mellon University CREATE Lab on your mobile device to monitor and report toxic air.

Visualize Your Air

Plume Pittsburgh, produced by Carnegie Mellon University CREATE Lab, lets everyone see that air pollution has effects beyond the immediate surroundings of emitters. Pollution is one part of our air-shed that has the potential to spread throughout the entire region as weather and wind direction change.

Back camera view of woman sitting with laptop on her lap looking at screen showing digitized recording of pollution plume in Pittsburgh
Aerial view of hazy sky over downtown Pittsburgh with bridge in the forefront

Watch Air Quality In Real-Time

Live panoramic cameras at four high points located in and around Pittsburgh.

Compare Your Air

See Pittsburgh’s air quality compared with other cities around the country.

Meet Create Lab

The Community Robotics, Education and Technology Empowerment Lab (CREATE Lab) explores socially meaningful innovation and deployment of robotic technologies. Their aim is to empower everyday citizens and scientists. In collaboration with the Breathe Project, CREATE Lab produced and developed the technology utilized in Plume Pittsburgh.

Group Photo of five people part of the CREATE lab team