tech tools

Photo Credit: Courtesy of CMU CREATE Lab

New air monitoring technologies, GIS systems and other technical tools make it possible for you to get real-time information about the air you are breathing. Interactive online tools let you monitor your air, post updates and immediately inform the Allegheny Health Department and/or the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection when air pollution is bad – as well as alert your community through social media.

Monitor and Report Air Pollution

SmellPGH App

Download the Smell App on your mobile device to monitor and report toxic air.

Assess Your Indoor Air Quality


Monitor your indoor atmosphere by checking out a Speck meter from your local library.

Take A Look Outside

Breathe Cam

Live Panoramic Cameras at four high points located in and around Pittsburgh.

Compare Your Air

Breathe Meter

See Pittsburgh’s air quality compared with other cities around the country.

Explore Air Pollution Maps


See Black Carbon and Nitrogen Dioxide air pollution maps in Allegheny County. 

Learn About Oil and Gas Activities


Explore the vast resources on fracking and its related health and environmental problems across in Pennsylvania.

BreatheMobile Hits the Streets


The BreatheMobile is a traveling laboratory designed to map and monitor air quality throughout the Pittsburgh region and to increase public awareness of the harmful impacts of air pollution.