Sewickley and Sewickley Valley

Communities First Sewickley Valley (C1) is a group that works to protect the health, safety and the environment in Sewickley, PA. Currently the group is focusing efforts on raising awareness about the proposed Shell Plastic Plant in Potter Township, and its impact on local air quality and public health.

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Taking On Industrial Pollution and Greenhouse Gases

Title V of the Clean Air Act requires “major sources” of air pollution to obtain operating permits from the EPA or a state or local agency authorized to issue these permits. In Allegheny County, the Allegheny County Health Department decides these permits. Join GASP, PennEnvironment, Clean Air Council, Clean Water Action, Environmental Integrity Project, SWPA Grassroots Air Quality Town Hall activists and the Breathe Project in the effort to reduce pollution greenhouse gases.

Sewickley and Sewickley Valley

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BCMAC Eyes on Shell Watchdog Team Meeting

Join the Eyes on Shell Watchdog team members for updates on the Shell Plastic plant, including the $10 million payment by Shell announced yesterday, and an overview of Kristina Marusic’s […]

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