Pennsylvania’s Shale Gas Boom: How Policy Decisions Failed to Protect Public Health and What We Can Do to Correct It

HealthFirstPa and the Environmental Health Project will host a one-hour webinar focused on policy decisions made by the Pennsylvania state government that failed to protect public health from the harmful effects of shale gas development. The webinar also examines the resulting health impacts of these decisions. Finally, it explores what state government can do moving […]

PFAS and Health Impacts: What Frontline Communities Need to Know

EHP continues to explore the health risks of PFAS chemicals since it was revealed that PFAS, or chemicals that break down into PFAS, are being used in shale gas development. In this webinar, we further explore health impacts from exposure to PFAS focusing on female reproductive outcomes with Dr. Sue Fenton from the National Institute […]

Blue Hydrogen: What You Need to Know

Join HealthFirstPA and Environmental Health Project for an introduction to "blue hydrogen" and how it will impact our environment and the health of our families.