Welcome to the Breathe Project

By Matt Mehalik

I would like to welcome you to our Breathe Project website with a new look, tools and communications platform. This site is the result of many years of work on the part of organizations and individuals working to elevate science-based and public health information that addresses Southwestern Pennsylvania’s continuing struggle with poor air quality. 

Debra Smit

Our website showcases the outstanding work of organizations and individuals deeply committed to our region. This group, the Breathe Collaborative, is a coalition of citizens, environmental advocates, public health professionals and academics who are the driving force behind the Breathe Project.

Science- and fact-based information on air quality in our region forms the core of the work of Collaborative organizations. Through this platform, the Breathe Project provides members with solid information to inform their engagement with regional leadership. Our science-based, searchable database presents key reports and resources giving the public easy access to information, research and peer-reviewed studies on air pollution and public health and solutions that offer hope for improved air quality.

The website also brings with it many of the technology tools that the Breathe Project has long been known for – the SmellPGH mobile app and the Breathe Cam that captures images in near real time of the air we breathe from four locations in Pittsburgh. The website also offers an opportunity to roll out new tools to help the public to understand and monitor our air.

Visitors to the site can also search a robust News section to see the latest stories and opinion pieces from local, national and international journalists on air quality topics. A list of current events and upcoming public hearings throughout the region will keep you apprised of and encourage involvement in any of the many opportunities to engage in the region.

We hope you will take the time to explore the entire site. Check out the new Take Action section that highlights the regional advocacy campaigns underway at Breathe Collaborative organizations. These campaigns provide opportunities for people to take personal action to make our region a healthier and better place to live.

I look forward to an ongoing dialog with you and the community as our platform continues to grow, evolve and improve. We hope you will become a regular visitor to the Breathe Project and join the growing network of people striving to make a difference in improving our region’s air quality. After all, it is The Air We Share.

Thank you,
Matthew Mehalik, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Breathe Project


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