Lots of people approach me and ask about the Shell Cracker. They often don’t know that it is designed to make plastic from fracked natural gas. They often don’t know that it will require a pipeline that will pass near 240 groundwater wells and put 8700 people into its “vapor zone.” What they all do know is that they heard it was a “done deal,” implying that it isn’t worth fighting. That our efforts are better spent on other fights. But if the Shell Cracker is a done deal, and if our local and global communities buy into Shell’s vision of the future, then there are a whole lot of deals that also become “done” and I don’t think you want them. And I don’t think our brothers and sisters around the world want them. And so based on that simple premise, I offer that... If the Shell Cracker is a done deal, then so is catastrophic climate change. This facility is permitted to emit more than two million tons of CO2 annually and promotes massive methane leakage by requiring thousands of new fracking wells to feed it. ... Full speech at: https://nopetropa.com/2018/05/19/is-the-shell-ethane-cracker-a-done-deal/