Shale Insight Conference Brings Opportunities for Action

By Mark Dixon

The petrochemical industry is converging on Pittsburgh this week for the Shale Insight conference. The conference features a range of speakers from companies like Shell, Halliburton, ExxonMobil, and Chevron, not to mention U.S. government officials including Andrew Weiner (Trump’s new EPA Acting Administrator) and Rick Santorum.

In response to this fossil-fueled collection of power players, the people of Pittsburgh have planned a week of events to give voice to those resisting the regional petrochemical expansion; to give voice to those who regard the Paris Climate Agreement as an important goal on the way towards a renewable, regenerative economic future that does not profit from the pollution of our air, water, soil, and bodies. Please participate in one or more of the events coming up, and help us build the movement that is necessary to change the economic trajectory of our region.


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