CENSWPA Speaker Series: Cultivating Resilience


The presentation "Cultivating Resilience: Mindfulness as Part of a Public Health Strategy for Environment-Induced Health Challenges" delves into the critical role of mindfulness within the realm of public health, particularly in addressing the health challenges induced by environmental factors. It explores how mindfulness practices can serve as a proactive approach to promote resilience and well-being […]

2024 Environmental Justice Summit: Reflections, Connections, and Collaborative Action in the Pittsburgh Area

University of Pittsburgh Community Engagement Center (Pitt CEC) - Homewood 622 North Homewood Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA

This Inaugural EJ Summit co-hosted by the Cancer and Environment Network of Southwestern PA (CENSWPA) and the University of Pittsburgh (Pitt) is taking place May 9th - 11th. This event series will have 2 Community Healing practices before in after the symposium  with a healing Closing Ceremony by Awaken Pittsburgh Locations: • May 9th - […]