Breathe Collaborative

Citizens to Protect the Ambridge Reservoir

BCMAC formed the sub-committee; Citizens to Protect the Ambridge Reservoir (CPAR) in 2012 to protect the reservoir from unconventional gas drilling. Water is essential to life. Its ongoing viability depends on our acting responsibly. CPAR has been working closely with our local municipal water authority, PA legislators and senators, boroughs and townships, to ensure our community will long have access to this vital, pristine resource.

The Ambridge Reservoir, located in the Service Creek Watershed, is an aquifer located in a rural, pastoral setting in the townships west of the Ohio River. This spring-fed watershed supplies drinking water for over 30,000 customers. Municipalities whose drinking water is supplied by Ambridge and  Edgeworth Water Authorities include Ambridge, Baden, Economy, Harmony Township, Bell Acres, Edgeworth, Leet, and Leetsdale.

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