Beaver County Student Calls on Leaders to Stop Global Warming

By Natalie Leslie

My name is Natalie Leslie and I’m Southwest Pennsylvania National Organization of Women’s youth feminist chair and a senior at Blackhawk High School in Beaver County. Politically, these past four years have been long and hard. I’m thrilled that these days are coming to an end. Our current president divided America drastically, he refused to condemn white supremacy, he spread hate and he seems to only cares only about himself and wealthy white people.

This is true especially for me and the younger generation. We are seriously concerned about the threat of climate change. Our current president has completely denied its existence and enjoys ignoring facts and science. He has even called global warming a “total and very expensive hoax.” It’s common sense that global warming is a serious issue in our world right now. This is something that is taught in elementary school science. If small children can process this issue why can’t a grown man in charge of a country do the same? During his presidency, he pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement, appointed a man who doesn’t believe in climate change to run the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), wiped out $100 million in funding for the EPA’s climate work and signed an executive order to get rid of former President Obama’s climate policies.

I am so glad a new president has been elected who has the common sense to listen to scientists. We need leadership that will support policies like the Green New Deal, ensure the U.S. achieves a 100% clean energy economy, rally the rest of the world to meet the threat of climate change and stand up to the abuse of power by polluters who disproportionately harm communities of color and low-income communities. This can be accomplished while also creating jobs in America.  I welcome the transition to a greener, clean energy future.

We still have so far to go. Our country’s leaders must mobilize and work together to help our environment improve. Please support leaders in local, state, and national political leaders running in elections who are concerned about climate change and the environment and want to see these positive changes. Inform and educate the people around you of how dire an issue this is to you and how serious of an issue it should be to them too.

In honor of the next four years, I’d like to quote our next president: “Climate change is not a hoax. Climate Change is the number one issue facing humanity.” Let’s get to work!


Natlie Leslie is a senior at Black Hawk High School in Beaver County.

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