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BP buys BHP’s US shale assets for $10.5 bil in ‘transformational’ deal

S&P Global
By Robert Perkins
Aug, 27, 2018

Ambridge Officials Need to Protect Water Supply

Beaver County Times
LTE By Michelle Mindek
Aug, 17, 2018

Texas Plant Spewed 8 Million Pounds of Air Pollutants As Hurricane Harvey

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
By Jeff Mosier
Aug, 16, 2018

Q&A with Rich Fitzgerald, Allegheny County Executive (and Jim Kelly of ACHD)

Environmental Health News
By Kristina Marusic
Aug, 15, 2018

Letter: Cracker Plant Exploits Region for Profits

Beaver County Times
LTE By Terrie Baumgartner
Aug, 15, 2018

Flyaway Pollution: Contain the Sand Blowing Around Stowe

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Post-Gazette Editorial Board
Aug, 15, 2018

Water Use in Fracking Soars — Exceeding Rise in Fossil Fuels Produced, Study Says

Inside Climate News
By Phil McKenna
Aug, 15, 2018

Allegheny County Health Department Reacts To Loosened Asbestos Rules

WESA - 90.5FM
By Jakob Lazzaro
Aug, 14, 2018

Pennsylvania Environmental Report Card of Legislators

By Clean Water Action, Clean Air Council Conservation Voters of Pa., Sierra Club and PennEnvironment
Aug, 14, 2018

The Weight of Numbers: Air Pollution and PM 2.5

Undark Magazine
By Undark Magazine
Aug, 13, 2018

FERC sued over PennEast approval after denying rehearing requests

By Jon Hurdle
Aug, 13, 2018

Shell Pipeline Might Remediate Wetland in Mercer County

Beaver County Times
By Jared Stonesifer
Aug, 13, 2018