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Protecting Allegheny County From Fracking

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Allegheny County is facing not only a legacy of pollution, but new threats looming on the horizon. New fracking wells and pipelines are being proposed in our communities. A polluting ethane cracker is under construction in Beaver County, but the industry has plans to build up to a dozen more in southwest Pennsylvania.

Electing movement leaders at the local level is our best chance to fight these threats. Food & Water Action played a central role in electing new leadership in East Pittsburgh Borough that will stop the fracking well proposed in the heart of the Mon Valley, and we helped environmental champions Bethany Hallam and Liv Bennett to county council.

In November, we can do it again. We can make large swaths of Allegheny County off limits to fracking by winning elections in places like Franklin Park, Indiana and Elizabeth. In electing three more champions to Allegheny County Council, we can create a new majority that will put people ahead of the profits of corporate polluters.


June 24th 2019
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Maren Cook’s Home


Food and Water Watch