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Ohio EPA to Hold Public Hearing for Proposed (PTT Belmont) Ethane Cracker

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The PTTG Corporation is trying to build a Petrochemical Plastic Factory in Shadyside, Ohio. We need you to take action today to tell the Ohio EPA that we don’t want this plant in our state by sending in your personalized comment today.

The PTTG project will turn fracked gas into 1 million tons of plastic per year. It will emit toxic pollution into Ohio and West Virginia and the agency responsible for protecting our health and the environment, Ohio EPA will use “proper design,” “good combustion practices,” and “good operating practices” as the emissions control technology for most of these emissions, without setting any specific requirements.

The application numbers indicate that the PTTG project will dump 3 ½ school bus loads of fine particles on the town of Shadyside each year. These particles can cross directly into our bloodstream through the lungs,  babies umbilical cords and into the brain. They can causes asthma, respiratory inflammation, jeopardizes lung functions and even promotes cancers.

Please act today to help protect our air, our health and the environment from this dirty fossil fuel project that will increase fracking in Ohio to manufacture un-needed plastics.

Please consider attending the public hearing to give comments in person Air Permit Hearing 6 p.m., Tuesday, November 27, 2018, at Shadyside High School, 3890 Lincoln Ave., Shadyside, OH 43947 (see additional resources below)

Comments should be submitted to [email protected] by 5pm December 11, 2018




November 27th 2018
6:00 PM


Shadyside High School, Shadyside, Ohio, 43947