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Clean Air Project: Etna

The Triboro Ecodistrict and New Sun Rising invite you to the “Clean Air Project: Etna” virtual event.

Join local air quality experts, activists, and elected officials August 19th as they unveil the new Air Quality Station installation in the Borough Pool And Playground of Etna. Explore the opportunities and challenges of air quality in Pittsburgh. Where does the pollution comes from? What are the health implications, and how can you become more engaged? See, for the first time, the design of new air quality monitoring stations being installed in Millvale, Etna and Sharpsburg, which will display the real-time Air Quality Index (AQI) in each of the three boroughs.

Participants include:

Breathe Project, a clearinghouse for information on air quality in Pittsburgh, southwestern Pennsylvania and beyond.

GASP, the Group Against Smog and Pollution, a citizen-led advocacy group founded in 1969 by volunteers concerned about air quality in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Rep. Sara Innamorato, PA State Representative for the 21st District, and longtime advocate for clean air in Western Pennsylvania.

New Sun Rising’s Director of Sustainability, Zaheen Hussain.

Mark Dixon, award-winning filmmaker, activist, and public speaker, currently developing the documentary “Inversion, The Unfinished Business of Pittsburgh’s Air.”

And Etna Borough Manager, Mary Ellen Ramage, born and raised in Etna that has been on the town’s workforce for 43 years.

This event will be followed by one more virtual events unveiling the last air monitoring station in Sharpsburg on September 2nd.


October 7th 2020
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM


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