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Building Bridges: Continuing the Conversation about Climate Change

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Following up on our successful December 2021 event and positive feedback about changing the conversation around climate in Appalachia, back by popular demand is: Building Bridges: Continuing the Conversation Around Climate Change…. Whether you’re already engaging in difficult conversations or don’t know where to start, this session will bolster your ability to build bridges in your community around finding common ground on climate change issues. This is the crisis of our time and we need to start finding common solutions to this problem. More people want to talk about climate change than you may think, and you are not alone in trying to address this problem. We will spend the first half of the session discussing tools for changing the narrative, and then offer a place to problem-solve and discuss tough challenges in your community! Join ReImagine Appalachia, Pasa Sustainable Agriculture, River Valley Organizing, PennFuture, and Climate Rural and Systems Partnerships (CRSP) of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History for part two of our climate change discussion.


January 31st 2022
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


ReImagine Appalachia