Fracking and Petrochemical NEWS

Report: Plastic threatens our health from before production to long after it’s thrown away

February 19, 2019

By Brian Bienkowski

Environmental Health Project

ORSANCO Upholds Setting Pollution Standards

February 15, 2019

By James Bruggers

Inside Climate News

The Mother Who Wants to Put Air Pollution on Her Daughter’s Death Certificate

February 13, 2019

OpEd By Beth Gardiner

The New York Times

Mon Valley Residents Demand Clean Air

February 7, 2019

By Paul Martino


Pittsburgh air has been unsafe for people with asthma for 25% of days in 2019 so far

February 5, 2019

By Kristina Marusic

Environmental Health News

High level of sulfur dioxide recorded Monday in Braddock area

February 5, 2019

By Don Hopey

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Southwestern Pennsylvania Counties On Code Orange Air Quality Alert

February 4, 2019

By Kathleen J. Davis

WESA 90.5 FM

What’s behind those “unhealthy air quality” warnings in Pittsburgh?

February 4, 2019

By Ryan Deto

Pittsburgh City Paper

How Car Pollution Hurts Kids’ Performance in School

February 4, 2019

By Nicole Javorsky


Reducing Pittsburgh Pollution Would Cut Cancer Risk

January 31, 2019

By Kristina Marusic

Environmental Health News

In Monessen, the world’s largest steelmaker promises to stay

January 28, 2019

By Daniel Moore

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette