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In his State of the Union address last week, President Obama called for a 50 percent reduction in the amount of energy wasted by our homes and buildings over the next 20 years. He proposed providing resources for the most effective state policies to cut energy waste.


It may not be glamorous, but it sure came as good news to all of us at the Breathe Project, as energy efficiency is a major piece of the clean air puzzle. Consuming less energy means reduced combustion of fossil fuels, which in turn, helps to improve our air quality.


According to the U.S. EPA, buildings accounted for 38.9 percent of total U.S. energy consumption in 2005. Residential buildings accounted for 53.7 percent of that total, while commercial buildings accounted for the other 46.3 percent. Buildings are expected to account for 75 percent of our electricity consumption by 2025, the EPA estimates, and the average household spends at least $2,000 each year on energy bills.


A good number of our coalition partners are working to reduce energy consumption themselves—or helping other businesses, organizations and households become more energy efficient; it’s a win-win for air quality and their bottom line.


In a free workshop on February 22, Pop City Media and Direct Energy will provide ways for nonprofits to save money by reducing energy costs. Attendees will learn smart strategies to conserve energy and resources—and also be eligible to win $2,500 from Direct Energy through its Reduce Your Use For Good campaign.


ReEnergize Pgh—an initiative of GTECH Strategies—is creating jobs and reducing residential energy waste by organizing teams of “ambassadors” for energy efficiency in communities throughout Allegheny County.


Pittsburgh Green House in East Liberty holds regular workshops and sessions on residential energy and water savings and making homes healthier. This month, they will host a home water conversation workshop (saving water helps to clean our air by reducing energy consumption) and another session on how to integrate energy upgrades into the home remodeling process.


And Sustainable Pittsburgh will soon launch its 2013 Pittsburgh Green Workplace Challenge, which calls on businesses and organizations in southwestern Pennsylvania to reduce their energy and water use through a friendly competition.


We’d love to hear what your organization is doing to increase its energy efficiency—and improve our air quality. Send us your stories to highlight on our website and so we can share best practices with other coalition partners. We look forward to hearing about your successes!

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March 16, 2015
GASP holding a public meeting to discuss air quality in Lawrenceville   The Allegheny County Health Department (ACHD) Air Quality Program recently announced its intent to issue an operating permit for the McConway and Torley steel foundry located on 48th street in Lawrenceville. This facility is a significant local source of … Learn More
February 11, 2015
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January 14, 2015
Moving from Climate Awareness to Climate Action   First Sustainability Pioneers Bridge Party!   Wednesday January 14, 2015, 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM   PointBreezeway 7113 Reynolds St Pittsburgh, PA 15208   Join the first Sustainability Pioneers Bridge Party  – wine & cheese, networking, live music & … Learn More
January 7, 2015
Include air quality issues in the county’s strategic plan! Local air quality groups are circulating a petition urging the Allegheny County Health Department to include air quality in the strategic plan they are adopting at the Board of Health meeting on Jan. 7. Please help move this important issue … Learn More
December 13, 2014
“Particle Falls” Lighting Up the Holiday Season for a Difference The Heinz Endowments’ Breathe Project today launches artist Andrea Polli’s Particle Falls, a captivating digital-media installation that provides a real-time visualization of air quality.   At a time of year when Downtown Pittsburgh is aglow with holiday lights that raise … Learn More
October 29, 2014
Pittsburgh Green Workplace Challenge 2014-2015 Kicks Off The Green Workplace Challenge is back again for another year of exciting competition! If you work for a business, nonprofit, college or university, local government, or a K-12 school in southwestern Pennsylvania, sign up today to start saving money and … Learn More
October 18, 2014
2014 Pittsburgh Solar Tour   Most Pittsburgh house tours showcase beautiful interiors, tasteful design, and the glitz and glamour of bygone eras. The 2014 Pittsburgh Solar Tour is a home tour for the new Pittsburgh.   Join PennFuture to experience raw solar power, energy … Learn More
October 7, 2014
“Sustainability Pioneers” Documentary Premiere   How can Pittsburgh be a leader in building the bridge from our fossil fuel-based economy to an economy based on renewable energy and sustainable living?   Filmmaker and journalist Kirsi Jansa asks this question–arguably the most critical challenge of our … Learn More
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  • Breathe Project

    When #oiltrains derail, the possibility for pollution is huge. @heinzendow hosted a safety conference in Nov. Watch.

    Oil Train Response 2015 - YouTube

    The “Oil Trains 2015: Community Risks & Solutions Conference,” was a one-day summit hosted and sponsored by The Heinz Endowments, that examined health and sa...

    Today at 2:00pm • 1 Comment

    Living by Shenango:"I always wonder if my grandfather and son would have been healthier if we lived somewhere else."

    It’s time to clean up DTE’s Shenango plant

    I live less than 1,000 yards from the DTE Shenango plant on Neville Island, and I know the negative health impact of the toxins it releases. On Nov. 19, I was joined by many of my fellow advocates for cleaner air and a healthier Pittsburgh at a community meeting with the Environmental Protection Agency and the Allegheny County Health Department. Our simple ask — to put citizens’ health first by cleaning up Shenango (“Coke Plant Emissions Drawing New Regulatory Scrutiny,” Nov. 20). I’ve lived here all my life and take pride in this city. I know that we must take appropriate measures to clean up our air. After a career in the steel industry, my grandfather suffered a heart attack and spent the last years of his life tethered to an oxygen machine. My first son was born prematurely, one of

    Today at 1:09pm • No Comments

    An experiment in microgrids for localized electricity use.

    With microgrid experiment, Duquesne Light and Pitt try to change century-old system

    It was a warm October day — dream weather for an electric utility worker tasked with responding to power outages in the Pittsburgh area. Still, they were out and working on Duquesne Light Co.’s training ground at its Woods Run facility along the Ohio River. Earlier this month, the Downtown-based power company announced that Woods Run would be the site of a transformative experiment: the construction of a microgrid — a localized power system that feeds a single building or neighborhoods with its own source of generation and can operate independently from the larger grid. Partnering with engineering students at the University of Pittsburgh, the utility will study how such a technology could scale up to work. Embarking on a technology that could upend the century-old design of producing and

    Nov 30th 4:00pm • No Comments

    Hey Breathe Nation - hope you had a good Turkey Day! Just wanted to tell you we are thankful for you. Every day, as more of you join the fight for clean air in southwestern PA, we are energized. Let's keep fighting for #greendays everyday. #cleanourair #whatibreathe

    Timeline Photos

    Nov 30th 9:50am • 1 Comment

    Western PA Regional Data Center is a one-stop shop for all kinds of publicly available data on this area. On Dec. 4, they are hosting an #environmentaljustice workshop. Spread the word. Learn what's out there and how you can act on it.

    Data User Group Meeting: Environmental Justice • WPRDC

    Data User Group Environmental Justice

    Nov 30th 9:02am • No Comments

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